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Soldier Stories

They all have one, they are all interesting to say the least. 

Some leave you in awe, some make you laugh, some make you gasp, some can really pull at your heartstrings. 


This is where we will share with you some of the extraordinary people we have been honored to help.





ARMY RANGER SNIPER James Dahl got a kick when his first cast caught a fish the same size as his lure.  During his 21 years of being a Sniper James big catch was putting a 50 cal. round that killed Saddam Hussein Son (The Butcher).  After this victory James' Humvee was hit by a missile that killed all his team (RIP).

The metal plate on the back of his laptop is what saved his life.

James Dahl



On Sunday, Billy Jack Miller of USA Wounded and Rio Grande Guide had the honor of taking a soldier fishing who served numerous tours in Iraq, Afghanistan and Korea.

Chief, the new owner of Bedroxx Bowling Center and The Pawn Shop, and his son had a great day catching Bass and one 13 pound White Drum fish. This Army veteran served our country for 21 years and retired in Sierra County so he could be close to Elephant Butte Lake.

The look on his face is priceless 

Our program is doing amazing things for soldiers with PTSD


We received the following email. After reading it, my heart went out to this soldier. Imagine, doing 2 tours in Iraq, 1 tour in Afghanistan then coming home and being accepted to Officers School. The last 6 days of school this soldier had a 9 mile training mission carrying an 80lb. backpack. He felt a pain in his chest, went to the doc and his collar bone was broken. Dug into it further and it turned out to be cancer and it was eating his bones. Now he is going thru Chemo. Tomorrow I am taking him, his wife and 2 boys fishing. We got the Elephant Butte Inn to donate a beautiful room at their hotel and others are coming forth to help us make this mans life a little better..

God Bless Our Military.    


*****                                        *****


Soldier: Greetings, I am inquiring about a fishing trip for myself and my family. I have a 4 and a 7 year old boys, loving the outdoors and always wanting to go fishing.  I am a sergeant first class active duty in the army stationed here at fort bliss. Tragedy has recently struck our family and this seems to be a good way to get everyone's minds off of what's going on and allow my boys and wife to feel a little more normal. I was recently diagnosed with stage 2 large B cell non hodgkins lymphoma cancer while attending warrant officer school. Everything stopped and our pending vacation to Wyoming and move to Oklahoma was put on immediate hold. I am currently on my 2nd round of chemotherapy and receive treatment every 3 weeks. Just looking when I'm feeling up to getting them out there a way to try and feel a little normal again before I get to sick from treatment or the cancer keeps spreading. So i guess the questions would be, when is available? What's the cost? And is all we have to do is show up and have some fun?

Justin Wrightman



What a joy to see these Warriors at peace and happiness all day.


I knew my mission was accomplished when one of the Wounded Warriors said "I am going to be able to sleep tonight".

Russ Hall

Russ Hall won the solder fishing trip for May and brought his wife Alma and his buddy Mike as his chosen company during his trip. The morning fishing was really slow, I felt bad and asked these Warriors if they were up to fishing the afternoon also.  

That was a stupid question. These Heroes started beating the banks with rattle traps and started catching fish. They caught Walleye, Small Mouth Bass and White Bass. We spent 12 hours on the lake and at the end of this trip I almost had to get a pry bar to get them off the boat.


John Blue

On his second tour of duty John's unit was attacked in Afghanistan and after a fierce battle he was wounded and lost his leg from the knee down.  We took John on a couple of bird hunts, he limited out on Geese and Ducks.  After his last hunt John flew to Phoenix for a 30k marathon.   Amazing.

God Bless our Soldiers


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