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About Us

Our Armed Forces...

... are out there all over the world everyday risking their lives to keep the American way of life.  We decided the best way we could show our gratitude to these brave soldiers is by "Fish Therapy" and other special trips catering to their wish lists and needs.  Besides fishing, other activities for the soldiers include golfing, camping, hot mineral baths, karaoke, lunch at various local establishments or homemade box lunches by the ladies of the Post #44 Auxiliary.  We've also treated them to fish fry's and other delicious meals of exotic meats like Oryx and Buffalo.  We give them a peaceful, yet fun-filled day of Fish Therapy with as many of their comrades or family as we can accommodate at one time.  Every one of these soldiers captures our hearts and leaves with us a huge impression of dedicated patriotism.


Fish Therapy is healing by bonding.  Bonding with comrades, friends, families, bonding with nature, remembering the love you have for favorite activities and people in your life, acclimating back to those you hold dear.

Fish Therapy


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